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The system for visualizing and monitoring your ship's data!

Gerade jetzt ist Fernüberwachung für Ihr Boot ein wichtiges Thema. In Zeiten, wo Häfen gesperrt sind, Ihnen der Zugang zu Ihrer Yacht verwehrt wird bzw. Reisen zu den Liegeplätzen nicht möglich sind. Bewahren Sie mit uns den Überblick. Beobachten Sie per Kamera das Umfeld Ihrer Yacht, den Status Ihrer Batterien, der Bilgepumpen des Landanschlusses. Sollten Probleme auftreten, informieren Sie den Hafenmeister oder einen Vertrauten vor Ort.

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What is VisuShip?

VisuShip connects the systems on modern yachts across systems to display them on easy-to-understand graphical views. All systems = one display.

From anywhere on board and anywhere in the world with internet access, you can see, maintain and switch your systems (e.g. generator or anchor light)..

Likewise, modern yacht monitoring today is not only about getting information about conditions on board or knowing whether the yacht is moving. It's much more about finding errors, controlling systems or obtaining analytics data.

Your personal yacht service can provide technical support for your yacht around the world. If necessary, intervene or even commission companies on site to repair, which can save expensive on-site troubleshooting. Similarly, regularly scheduled service appointments, such as the generator service, can be planned more easily without having to deal with them. Expensive trips by service technicians can thus be avoided, since problems that arise can be analyzed, evaluated and ideally corrected by your service technician on the computer in the office.

This is the only way to avoid confusion. You always work with a familiar tool. You can prepare your stay on board even better by checking air conditioning / heaters in advance and the yacht is comfortable on arrival. If the shore power fails, you can start a generator to protect the batteries or to save the contents of the refrigerators or freezer.

VisuShip is the next generation Yacht control!

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    VS - Cloudservice

    In addition to all our VS-packages, you can book our VS-cloudservice, which you can book annually!

    VS-Cloud - S

    VisuShip - Cloudservice S is free of charge for the user in VisuShip-Basic. In this version you will receive a daily status report by e-mail. Your built-in VisuShip controller sends this report regularly at the time you set. You will also be notified when something unpredictable occurs on the networked inputs and outputs.

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    VS-Cloud - M

    VisuShip Cloud-M includes, as in the VS-Cloud-S version, a daily status report by e-mail at the programmed time as well as a notification, something unexpected should occur on the networked inputs and outputs on board. An additional highlight of this service is remote monitoring. It is possible to log in via your personal access on your smartphone, tablet or PC and view and rate all networked data. The data is updated in real time. Also, you can set up guest accesses. Thus, it is possible for your partner or your service technician to be able to view the data of your ship and respond in case of a problems. Only your connected cameras will be displayed in a freezing image.

    VS-Cloud - L

    VisuShip - Cloud Service L includes the same functions as VS-Cloudservice M, but you can see your cameras on board in the livestream.

    Cloudservice Price

    VS-Cloudservice S

    0.00 Euro

    • daily status report
    •  message on events

    VS-Cloudservice M

    100.00 Euro jährlich

    incl. 19% VAT 
    • Live access via personal online access
    • freezing camera images with interval function
    • daily statusreport
    • message on events

    VS-Cloudservice L

    150.00 Euro jährlich

    incl. 19% VAT
    • Live access via personal online access
    • LIVESTREAM Cameras
    • daily statusreport
    • message on events

      By the way !! With us you can also monitor your holiday home or your mobile home (caravan) and remote control! Ask Us!!  

    You can purchase and install VisuShip from these merchants.


    Am Kanal 7 
    15713 Königs Wusterhausen OT Wernsdorf 
    Tel.: +49 3362.58590 
    Fax: +49 3362.820253 
    E-Mail.: shop(a)ferroberlin.de 

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    mare MULTIMEDIA GmbH

    Sirko Feldbinder 
    Am Hechtgraben 6
    18147 Rostock 
    Tel: +49 176 490 18 669 
    Fax:   +49 4193 8859363   
    E-mail: info(a)mare-multi-media.de

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    Schiffs- und Yachtelektrik

    Martin Heinrich  
    Königstraße 8a   
    14109 Berlin  
    Tel: +49 30 855 06 277
    Mobil: +49 163 349 349 4
    Fax: +49 30 855 06 278  
    E-mail: info(a)yachtelektrikberlin.de

    Merk & Merk

    Jahte Servis Tribunj d.o.o.

    Jurjevrgadska 2   
    HR22212 Tribunj, Croatia    
    P: 00385 22 446 025 
    M: 00385 99 258 22 23
    E-mail: info(a)merkandmerk.hr 

    Yachts Service OÜ

    Purje str. 8    
    11911 Tallin, Estonia    
    Tel: +49 30 855 06 277 
    Mobil: +49 163 349 349 4 
    Fax: +49 30 855 06 278   
    E-mail: info(a)yachts-service.ee 

    Lucek GmbH

    Courtes Parties A2
    1588 Cudrefin, Schweiz    
    Tel: 0076 564 42 49 

    E-mail: info(a)boo-elektrik.ch